What We Do



Raz Design & Renovation provides a range of building construction and renovations services.

We provide the following range of services:



Interior Design and Fit Out Works

At Raz Design & Renovation, we deliver exceptional design ideas and solutions. We do this by creativity blending form with function, maximising value creation, space planning and combining technology and art seamlessly.

Our philosophy is grounded in understanding our client’s needs by studying them thoroughly before creating and transform the idea into design and provide a tailored solution.

Interior fit-out that we do comprises the installation of partitions, furnishings, floors and ceilings of a building. It also concerns the installation of all services that a building requires for it to be habitable.

Most modern buildings have designs that combine functionality with aesthetics and economics. When you enlist Raz Design & Renovation for  an interior fit-out contractor, we will safely implement your ideas into our creative designs.


Building Construction and Renovation Works

We are well established contractor who provide services to build new houses and commercial building, extension works which consists of ceiling works, tiling and laminate flooring, carpentry works, painting works, mechanical and electrical works.

Utilising our in-house knowledge and experience, we provide specialised office and site teams with the commercial and technical ability to carry out both large and small-scale projects.


Refurbishment and Demolition Works

Our demolition teams are highly experienced with all sort of demolition works ranging from commercial building to residential unit. Raz Design & Renovation refurbishment and demolition works are carry out based client’s requirements with consideration on safety and efficiency of the works.


Landscape Works

Your environment affects your state-of-mind, we will able to enhance your garden by providing complete range of professional garden landscape and design.

Each job begins by meeting with the client and a landscape plan is developed and clients must approve the design before work begins. During this initial period, we consider site conditions such as sun, shade, soil, wind, water, drainage, privacy, and other elements that can contribute to the success of the final product.

During the construction and installation process we will use the best available materials and craftsmanship within the budget guidelines. We take every possible aspects and factor seriously especially the temperature, humidity, irrigation which meets client’s requirements practically and cost effectively.  




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